Kofi Annan

Just another day in Geneva! Today meeting Kofi Annan who is speaking with our Executive Director, Michel, about his new book: "We the Peoples."  

Agnes and I headed over to the main United Nations building early to be sure and grab a good seat. It was a small thrill to bypass the tourist lines with a wave of our badges and head straight through security. The UNAIDS building is a bit of a walk from the rest of the UN, though across the street from the WHO headquarters. Our security is no where near as intense, though I'm sure our badges have trackers that note exactly where we are.

The event took place in the Human Rights Room, an impressive sight with its ceiling designed by sculptor Miquel Barcelò. The room filled to the brim with other UN staff, press, and perhaps a few guests. I don't think tourists were able to enter. Honestly, there is practically a city of people that work under the UN/WHO umbrella and I do not imagine that you could squeeze many other people even if they were allowed. 

My favorite quote of the night:

Kofi Annan on the "big 5" nations vs other nations:
When the elephants fight, the grass suffers. But when the elephants make love, the grass still suffers